Amparo  -  Administrative litigation  -  Civil litigation  -  Commercial litigation

Together with the specialized firm “Bufete Parra Téllez”, S.C., we practice administrative, civil and commercial litigation in all stages, as well as arbitration. We have successfully participated in some of the most relevant lawsuits in the country in matters of telecommunications, economic competition, commercial liability of political parties, contractual liability of State governments and in insurance and bonds matters. Several of the resolutions issued in the lawsuits in which we have participated have established judicial precedent for the resolution of similar disputes.

We support our clients’ causes assisting them with:

  • Extra-judicial resolutions, whether through mediation or negotiation.
  • Administrative law proceedings, before civil, commercial or administrative courts in local or federal jurisdictions.
  • Arbitrations, whether Ad Hoc (formed per case), private commercial (Centro de Arbitraje de México), or before International bodies.

We represent the interests of companies and individuals, assisting them in the design and implementation of the litigation strategies necessary to assert their rights before the different courts or for their defense in the case of private or government actions in different stages.

  • In the first stage we design, draft and form initial claims in order to file the actions our clients are entitled to. We also defend their interests preparing responses and counterclaims to actions filed against them, also filing the appropriate actions and defense. We provide timely follow up on the administrative law procedures and lawsuits in process.
  • In intermediate stages we prepare, form and give appropriate and timely follow up on the necessary appeals to challenge or uphold the rulings of the first stage, whether appeals, revocations, administrative reviews, reconsiderations, nullity appeals, indirect amparos or other intermediate procedures.
  • In the final stage we follow up on the appeals filed to challenge or uphold intermediate rulings issued by the lower courts before the Collegiate Circuit Courts.
  • We defend the interests of our clients through the filing, if necessary, of either direct or indirect amparo proceedings against laws or acts of authority.